About Me

Hi! I'm Joe.

I help small businesses get more out of their marketing efforts.

I have been employed by 4 agencies over the last 12 years. Although I was able to gain plenty of experience and knowledge, I have always wanted to work with small businesses. Unfortunately, working with agencies is expensive. I decided to go out on my own fulltime with the goal of bringing agency-level knowledge and practices to small businesses for much less.



12 years of expertise



Companies I've worked with

High level of competence, knowledge & expertise

My experience working for large agencies

Working for 4 different agencies over the last 12 years has given me the chance to learn about all the different aspects of digital marketing, including SEO, content strategy, social media, paid advertising, developing customer personas, user experience, analytics, and more. I’ve been able to work with a wide range of companies in multiple industries and various sizes. 

Fathom Online Marketing
3 years
Rosetta / Razorfish
1 year
3 years
The Refinery
5 years

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